Street Smart Self Defence

We help you discover true confidence and awareness in areas of lower level situations like verbal abuse and invasion of personal space. Learn life saving strategies and skills from higher level situations like physical assault, abduction, rape, gang attacks and even attempted murder.

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Become that confident person in all situations

An empowered person as you discover powerful ways to overcome threatening situations. A transformed person as you hear, learn and practice strategies that will support you in times of need. A person who can embrace all situations feeling safe, knowing skills that can save their life and the life of their loved ones.

You will Discover, Practice and Master:

  • How the right body language can have you safely walking from any situation.
  • Reveal how your intuition can save you.
  • Turning the attacker’s strength against them.
  • Discover the natural weapons of the body.
  • Unleash real striking power, that is not assault.
  • Hear actual life stories of survival and how critical strategies worked.
  • Strategies and skills to avoid date rape.
  • Discover how to prepare yourself and be safe when you are out, whether it be shopping, dancing, at sporting events, travelling or any other time.
  • Practice life saving skills from gang attacks, attacks to the head, ground attacks and knife attacks.
  • Transform yourself with reflexive defensive skills through our unique RAPID ATTACK training system.



A dedicated Self Defence seminar to give Adult / Teen or School groups, life saving strategies and hands on skills that they can apply today.

  • Groups from 5 to 150
  • Class times 45 / 60 & 90 minutes

You will remember the session for a long time and hopefully forever and have some great fun along the way. 


Maximise your ability to learn skills for all situations with our in-depth group courses.

  • Classes can run anywhere from 2 to 18 hours
  • Once a week for 1 - 3 weeks recommeded

Based on a longer course structure, the time between sessions will help retain skills as you practice and then return to practice week by week.


Our longer workshops empower you to learn a larger range of skills for all situations.

  • Workshops run 2, 4 or 6 hours

Chat with us today about what will best suit your needs.

For detailed pricing on your course or session please speak with Peter today to discuss your  needs and outcomes so we can determine the length of course that will best suit you.