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Stop Bullies: Start building the confidence in your children or teenagers who are bullied physically and emotionally. Discover skills and strategies to deal with verbal bullying, exclusion, cyber bullying, demeaning situations, being ganged up on and being physically assaulted, and having the child or teenager embrace their new ability to turn bullying around to their advantage.

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Become socially and physically confident

Your child will become a more confident person both socially and physically as they overcome their situation and empower themselves. They will feel supported and will have lifting from possible anxiety or depression, aiding in their positive contribution to the community around them.

Before long your child will be saying … “I can’t wait until I’m bullied again” as they embrace taking on the world again.

Stop Bullies!


Our children's class content includes:


Friends who “dump” you. Overcome through having various groups or various friends to fall back on.

Having a variety of interests spreads the ability to move to other circles…

Personal Interests: Music, Martial Arts, Art, Writing, Drawing, Singing, Computer Skills, Swimming, Dance, Yoga, Gaming, Cycling, Rock Climbing and Meditation are all examples of individual pursuits.

Group Team Sports: Football, Netball, Cricket, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, T-Ball, Surf Life Saving, Athletics are examples of Group Team Sports.

Group or Club Interests: Reading Groups, Community Groups, Church Groups, Surfing Clubs, Cycling Clubs, Gardening groups are examples of group interests.

Body Language is standing with an even posture, not with chest out and head up, not withdrawn and head down, but a middle balance and middle focus. This brings a calm nature and an aware nature. Practised through specific exercises and extended through good physical training of Personal Interests especially Martial Arts at the “right” club.

See us here at Karate Jitsu for ongoing training and receive a FREE uniform when you start.

Stop Bullies!



A parent or guardian must be present. 

This empowerment program will change the way you child copes with being bullied, belittled or excluded and it will help your child become the powerful and peaceful person within.

Develop confidence, both socially and physically as they take steps to overcome their situation. Your child will feel supported and will have some lifting from possible anxiety or depression, aiding in their positive contribution to the community around them.

If you want your child to be safe and strong …

3 Lesson Program

Your child will learn non-violent strategies that build real confidence knowing they can walk and talk their way out of situations.

They will also learn skills to defend from different physical attacks, like up against a wall, down on the ground, someone grabbing their wrist, or a stranger trying to bring them into a car.

Some children complete the 3 lessons and leave it there with an increase in confidence on all levels, others use this as a stepping stone into a long term martial arts and self defence program that empowers them for life.

To gain confidence that lasts a lifetime …

and other GROUPS

Your group of children will build confidence through learning non-violent strategies that teach them how to manage verbal bullying and exclusion.

They will learn skills to defend from different from physical attacks, like someone grabbing their wrist, a stranger trying to bring them into a car, someone pushing them against a wall.

Before long the children are saying “I can’t wait to be bullied again”, because the really feel empowered.

This premier course is taught to so many children in Adelaide Schools and OSHC.

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