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How does training work?

Your KARATE JITSU training curriculum teaches you skills from several Martial Arts like Karate, Ju Jitsu, Wrestling and Weaponry, giving you practical skills to defend from physical bullying plus so much more. You compliment that with non-violent strategies and that teach you how to shrug off bullies words, taunts and exclusion. This is the same that we teach in 100’s of SA Schools and OSHC with the KIDSAFE SELF DEFENCE program that we developed. Both the Martial Arts skills and Antibully strategies are part of your curriculum, Members can view the curriculum details and training videos on the website.

Choose the right class to suit you at the best time for you. Some children train once a week others twice, if you miss a session you can make it up at the other times. We’re back in the DOJO July 9, 2020, meantime the ZOOM DOJO will get you started and a long way ahead for the return back to the REAL DOJO.

  • MONDAY 5.45pm-6.25pm KENT TOWN
  • TUESDAY 5.45-6.25pm PARADISE
  • SATURDAY 8.45-9.25am PARADISE

Your Instructor’s are known for their personalised feedback specific to you. You are never a number, you are an individual that has their own learning needs and learning style. We understand every child is different, whether on the spectrum, shy, requiring more concentration, a hearing difficulty, physical imbalance, Asperger’s, ADHD, ADD, a young elite athlete, or a natural leader – every child is different and wonderfully unique. You will receive specific feedback just for you which you can view in your own time, avoiding the distraction of others and concentrating only on your improvement.

Reward for achievement must be deserved and regular. We have GRADED awards for technical skills from the curriculum and CHARACTER awards for good behaviour, good focus, helping others, leadership and more. Karate Jitsu has developed many 1000’s of children over our 30 years of teaching. We are here to help parents like you to teach your child skills for life, respect, good manner, discipline and having fun while training underpins our teaching. GRADINGS take place during class or if you are absent then on-line, where you can post your grading skills for review, that way you never miss out on your reward.


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