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Karate Jitsu for Teenagers & Adults in Adelaide

Karate Jitsu for Teenagers & Adults are for beginner males and females from ages 13 years onward. These classes encourage personal development through Martial Arts training and the guidance of our more advanced adult Instructors (Instructors have Police and DCSI Clearances).

Karate Jitsu is a unique Martial Art in that it teaches you all ranges of attack and defence leading to the practical art of SHOOT-FIGHTING, from standing to throwing to grappling. Weapons, Street Smart self defence, Stop Bullies (anti-bully programs) tournaments, Traditional forms, Fitness and Strength Training, Meditation and Instructor Development are all a part of training at Karate Jitsu.

Karate Jitsu is more than just a mixed martial art, it remains true to the Martial Arts.

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Karate Jitsu teaches the ‘stand up distance fighting range’ through the very powerful strikes of kick-boxing and traditional Karate. From there we teach the ‘grappling and joint locking range’ throws, off balancing, drill repetition, joint manipulations and strangles from Judo, Grappling and Aikido. Karate Jitsu is more than just a mixed martial art, it remains true to the Martial Arts. 

Respect and self development is our core focus. Our black belts have undergone a minimum 7 years of training. Our Second Degree Black Belts are in to their 10th year of training. The founder of Karate Jitsu has over 30 years experience and is a professional Martial Arts Instructor and an expert in teaching Street Smart self defence, Kids Safe and Stop Bullies to 10’s of 1000’s of School children throughout Adelaide.

Karate Jitsu for Students & Adults

Enrol now for Term 1, 2024