Give your child the confidence they deserve (For ages 4-12yrs)
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Term 3 runs from July 22 to Sep 28

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Kids Martial Arts in Adelaide

Our children’s classes are designed especially for children, both boys and girls from ages 4 to 12 years old. Through learning the art of Karate Jitsu and self defence skills, then practicing those skills with other children our students develop inner strength and respect for one another.

We have a vast teaching experience in high schools and primary schools throughout Adelaide where our Instructors have Police and Working with Children – DCSI Clearances and we continually find out the most common threats and bullying that occurs to children and young people.

Our “Kids Safe – STOP Bullies” anti-bully skills and strategies will see your child’s confidence improve. After only a few months in Karate Jitsu many children soon display a new inner strength, bullying goes away, they stand taller, begin to communicate with eye contact, their rooms are cleaner (maybe 🙂 and their general behaviour around home and school improves.

Karate Jitsu helps develop well balanced happy children.

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Karate Jitsu for Children teaches Karate, Kickboxing, Grappling (wrestling), Kids Safe Self Defence and Weaponry in a controlled and safe environment. Beginners are taught in a NON-contact and controlled sparring environment. Our older and more advanced children take part in Leadership development where they mentor and assist the younger ones as they prepare for and take place in Gradings.

Gradings and Tournaments take place at the end of most Terms.  Tournaments though are not the ‘aggressive’ movie style tournaments that we might see on TV, but more so a fun and encouraging way where children develop confidence through participation, control and respect for each other. We have 5 various Tournaments that we rotate by the term. Sparring and Grappling, these are the ‘competition’ style with control, leadership and team development. Then we have Self Defence, rubber Weapons display and Traditional forms display.

Enrolling now for Term 3