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on-line and interactive Self Defence course.


Students who do our on-line live interactive training want to feel safer and know what to do if needed. They want to gain confidence, to feel stronger and fitter. We have a respectful and friendly environment within the Zoom classes which balances the intention, focus and personal development of our Students, and all this happens while having fun and learning skills that empower you.


Your 4 lessons will cover …

The Chief Inspector of SA POLICE, Adelaide Principals and Teachers all love our sessions!

Register here for your 4 lessons LIVE

on-line and interactive Self Defence course.

Hi Mum’s, Dad’s and young Adults, my name is Peter Koegst, I’m from the Academy of Self Defence and Martial Arts.

I want to offer you what we usually do in so many Schools. I run the STOP BULLIES and SELF DEFENCE program to 100’s of Schools and OSHC in Adelaide, and I want to bring that to you on-line during these School Holidays.

I know how busy you are right now – juggling working from home, home schooling and just getting by in these uncertain times.

You want to keep your child active, right?

You want to keep them fit and strong, yeah?

Here’s what we do in Schools and what you will discover in our online course. We teach non-violent anti-bully strategies that build real confidence. We teach skills of defence from different physical attacks.

No matter your size or physical ability you will gain life saving, life changing skills and strategies.

Currently all Schools have put our programs on hold.

So I’m bringing the Schools Self Defence program to you.

Here’s what we do in Schools.
For Junior Primary and OSHC we run the

For Senior High Schools and Colleges we run the

Those 4 program’s I developed myself through my own experience …

For over 25 years the Academy of Self Defence and Martial Arts has taught at 100’s of Schools, OSHC and Community groups. Our Instructor’s and I  have taught over 40000 students.

So how does it this help you, maybe you already do a Martial Art, or BJJ, Boxing, Judo, Kung Fu 

or self defence, and if so keep training. Support your Instructor.

But if you need an awesome online training program with my vast experience of connecting to and engaging with people then this is it. Take our 4 LESSON LIVE ON-LINE INTERACTIVE SELF DEFENCE COURSE, and at the end of that I’ll show you the KJ200 ON-LINE DOJO as well, so you can keep training.

Empower your children during these school holidays. Keep them busy, give yourself a breather so you can get some work done,

This seriously is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Schools out, we’re not in Schools at the moment, so I’m bringing it to you.

Be a part of the 4 lesson course, do it for your child, et them discover life saving strategies, anti-bully strategies, and empower them for life.

2nd week of School Holidays – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,

April 21, 22, 23 & 24. CHILDREN at 2pm. TEENAGERS & ADULTS at 3pm.

I will be running on-line the Schools Program  …

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Let’s get you started.

With each session, get the benefits of…

How does that sound to you?
Can you see your child getting stronger?
Will you feel happier knowing their resilience is building?

Register here for your
4 LESSON live

on-line and interactive Self Defence course.

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