Corporate Empowerment
with Self Defence

Empowering your Staff with Seminars and Workshops

We aim to advance the confidence and awareness of your staff, both in the workplace, to and from the workplace and in their own life outside of work.

Your staff with bond and unite  in a fun yet serious and unique program.

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How can we help your staff

By training in resilience and interactive drills to re-act to lower level situations like verbal abuse, customer conflict and invasion of personal space.

By discussing and developing specific ways to defend from higher level situations from aggressive customer conflict, to physical assault, abduction, rape, gang assaults and even attempted murder.

By discovering how we can survive and protect ourselves in more violent situations we reveal how powerful and ‘easy’ lower level situations become.

We help staff become confident assertive

Your staff will become decisive and confident as they learn ways to overcome conflict resolution with personal significance and uplifting company strategies. They’ll become empowered as they hear, learn and practice survival strategies that will help them in times of need and can save their life.


your content may vary or streamline from here below
Workplace Conflict Resolution and the ACDC System (Aggressive Customer Diffusion Control - System)
  • … dealing with verbal conflict
  • … creating a win/win/win situation
  • … how to turn an aggressive customer into a loyal customer
  • … how to ensure you leave all customer conflict with no residue to take home
Empowering Stories of Survival from …
  • … Bullying
  • … Domestic Violence
  • … Gang Attack
  • … Rape
  • … Workplace Bullying
Simple Self Defence Techniques that maximise your strength …
  • … from the client who stands or sits ‘too close’
  • … from a ‘creepy’ hug from a client or in a social setting
  • … from someone holding you, or taking hold of your wrist
  • … if being choked
  • … when pinned to a wall
  • … from being hit about the head
Empowering Life Saving Strategies that teach …
  • … how and when to use physical skills
  • … ‘smart’ non-violent psychological defence
  • … how to carry your bag to your advantage
  • … ways to avoid rape
  • … how your posture can repel an assault
  • … travelling alone or with others safely

Whether a stranger, a client, someone known to you, a person of authority, a partner or ex-partner, Street Smart Self Defence will empower you …



Be empowered with conflict resolution strategies and life saving skills that you can apply today.

  • Small groups as small as 10 to larger groups as large as 150
  • Class times from 25-90 minutes


Can run in total time from anywhere between 2 hours up to 12 hours. A longer course will maximise your ability to learn skills and strategies for your situation and discover ways to deal with all situations.

  • Classes can run anywhere from 2 to 12 hours
  • Can be run weekly for 1 to 5 weeks

Based on a longer course structure, the time between sessions will help  retain skills as you practice and then return to practice week by week.


Our longer workshops empower you to learn a larger range of skills for all situations.

  • Workshops run 2, 4 or 6 hours

For detailed pricing on your Workshop or Seminar please speak with Peter today to discuss your needs and outcomes so we can determine the length that will best suit you.